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We provide long lasting metal roofs directly for homeowners

For homeowners

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Contact Metal Tech Roofing for a roof installation and an experienced roofing salesman will meet you at your location to evaluate your project and give you a competitive estimate to install a standing seam metal roof our metal roofing panels will be manufactured on-site for the most cost effective and convenient metal roof installation


Builders & Contractors

We serve professionals to help them meet their client’s needs.

For contractors

On-Site Roll Forming

On-site roll forming is when a portable roll forming machine is used to manufacture metal roofing and siding panels on location at the job location. The process involves steel coil being fed into the machine to be shaped into the desired panel profile. By roll forming the metal on-site, the panels can go directly up to the roof without ever touching the ground.


Package #1 (Chop & Drop)

This package is designed for a contractor that is experienced with standing seam metal roofing and wishes to purchase a standing seam roof package from Metal Tech roofing.. This package includes On-site standing seam metal manufacturing and a complete custom trim package. (Contractor-Homeowner is responsible to provide a complete material cut list and trim order) Metal Tech roofing will provide trim, shrink wrapped and delivered to the jobsite all the panels will have ribs notched have bottoms prepped to lock into drip edge (does not include Valley Pieces) as stated in cut list

Package #2 (Chop & Prep)

This package is designed for a contractor with a installation crew that wishes to have Metal Tech roofing provide ground support. This package includes a complete custom trim package (customer specific) that will be provided by Metal Tech and installed by the contractor prior to the arrival of the portable standing seam trailer. The trailer will arrive with 1 or 2 (depending on customer needs) experienced operators who will prepare all the bottoms and valley cuts of the roof panels this will be at a per man per hour basis (call for current pricing)

Why Metal Roofing

Long Lasting

Although metal roofing is more expensive than asphalt roofing, it has the durability and long-term quality that makes it a good investment. While metal roofs are more expensive up front, they can survive for much longer than other roof systems.

Weather Resistant

One of the most important functions of a roof is to protect your property from the elements, and metal roofing provides enhanced protection for your home. Metal roofing provides a top layer that protects your property from hail and severe winds.

Energy Efficient

Seasonal temperatures are also regulated by metal roofing. A metal roof keeps heat in during the winter and can reflect the sun's rays during the summer, making it energy efficient. This also helps to offset the cost of the roof by lowering heating and cooling expenditures.

Less Maintenance

Metal not only looks after you better, but it also makes it easier for you to maintain your roof! Metal, unlike asphalt, does not rot or mold, and it also does not fracture or shatter as easily. While you should always maintain your roof, having a metal roof makes it much easier.

Curb Appeal

Metal roofing can help you increase the overall value of your house. Standing seam metal and metal shingles are some of the best materials on the market when it comes to increasing curb appeal and property value.

Limited LIFETIME Warranty

We offer a limited lifetime warranty on all products (unless specified). This warranty is non transferable. Limited Lifetime is only for original owner

Information & Specs

1 1/2" Rib Height

12" to 16" Panel Width

Available in 24 or 26 Gauge

28 Color Options

Board and Batten Metal Siding

Hidden Fasteners

Standing Seam
Metal Roofing

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