The Metal Tech Story

Metal Tech Roofs was founded in April 2022 by Ferman and Katie Miller. Ferman first started in the construction industry in 2008.  In 2011, Ferman switched to a asphalt roofing job. He always dreamed of owning his own business. In 2013, that dream became a realty when he started his own construction company. Ferman’s company built garages, decks, pole barns, and put on metal roofing. This is where Ferman first realized the problem of a lack of quality metal roof installers and an overall lack of understanding of the installation process.

After working with many different kinds of roofing systems over the years, he recognized that standing seam roofs provided the most value and protection for homeowner. Ferman had a vision for providing a quality product and unparalleled service for his customers, and Metal Tech Roofs was born.

In our search for better quality metal roofing, we discovered that he didn’t have to rely on a neoprene rubber washer to waterproof our roofs, as well as a slew of other quality issues that led to us transitioning to selling more and more standing seam metal roofs.

Metal roofs are something we believe in at Metal Tech Roofs. In fact, we don’t install any other kind of roofing.

Do you have a home or company that need a long-lasting, resilient roof? We produce our own standing seam panels on-site and can provide excellent warranties on unique roofs that we are delighted to support.


Every roof we install benefits from our unwavering commitment and focus. We will return your calls, arrive on time, and keep you informed.

You not only get experience with Metal Tech Roofs, you also get a company who prioritizes your needs which gives you peace of mind and a positive experience.

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